Are Phthalates Dangerous for Your Health?

Phthalates - A Silent Danger in Personal Care

Phthalates - how do you even pronounce the word? Although it is officially pronounced 'THAL-ates', it is tempting to pronounce it more similarly to 'fatalities.' Why? These chemicals are responsible for the premature deaths of thousands of people every year. Yes, they are dangerous to your health.
What are phthalates? They are a family of chemical compounds used to make plastic more durable. Among the many places they can be found, phthalates are widely used to make the packaging materials used in the personal care and beauty industry.

Why are phthalates dangerous?

These frequently used chemicals can interfere with the body's endocrine system, meaning they disrupt human hormone production. Phthalates enter your system through consumption of products containing these chemicals - even by breathing air contaminated with phthalates! According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States, adult women frequently present higher volumes of phthalates than adult men, probably due to more frequent usage of cosmetics and beauty products with high volumes of these chemicals.
It's important to know that phthalates are a group of chemicals, with some already permanently banned from usage in household goods and others having unknown effects on the human body. Studies done on the effect of certain types of phthalates have demonstrated a link between cancers, cardiac issues, and reproductive system problems and exposure to phthalates.

How do I avoid phthalates?

You may wonder how you can figure out which products and packaging materials contain these potent chemicals. The scary thing is, it's not possible to fully know.
The best thing you can do to reduce you and your family's exposure to phthalates is switch to products guaranteed to be free of dangerous chemicals. Lifelong's personal care range protects your health by avoiding all phthalates and other dangerous chemicals, including BPA and parabens.


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