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Where do you ship to?

We ship world wide. Where you live shouldn't stop you using planet protecting, body loving deodorant.

How long does a refill last once mixed?

Around two months with daily use.

Does the powder contain sodium bicarbonate?

No, our formulae does not contain this. Our manufacturer thrives on being the most sustainable, healthy personal care manufacturer in Europe!

What are the ingredients?

Arrowroot powder - is used for the absorption of sweat and bad odours

Triethyl citrate - is used to help break down sweat components

Zinc oxide - is used for its anti-bacterial strengths

Cetearyl alcohol - is used for its softening side

Xanthan gum - is used to help make the deo texturisedCitric acid - is used for pH correction

Sodium Benzoate - is a preservative used to ensure the stability of the product over its lifetime.

Perfume - without allergens

Why these ingredients? We work with one of Europe's leading, sustainable, certified manufacturers that specialises in powdered personal care products. Our mission is to make a plastic-free deodorant that not only smells great but also works. Most natural deo's don't work so well and we tested many along the way. After lots of iterations, this was the best formula that kept you smelling great all day, without staining your clothes, nor causing any skin reactions.

What is the shelf life?

An unopened refill will have a shelf life, clearly marked for TWO years. Once the sachet is opened and the deodorant is mixed the product will have a shelf life of six (6) months.

Do i get free shipping?

If you subscribe then all your orders get free shipping worldwide.

How much do I save if i subscribe?

Your first three refills are for free. Then you save 30% forever.

How often do you ship with a subscription?

We ship three refills every six months, straight through your letterbox. Each refill lasts around two months. You can pause, change dates and scents with your subscription anytime.

How do I mix the powdered deodorant?

For perfect results use 'finger warm' water that's cooled down from boiling. Add 45ml to your applicator and add the powder. Screw the ball cap on and shake well for thirty seconds. Leave overnight for the ingredients to mix and thicken. Then shake in the morning and voila! You can also use cold tap water, though the mix won't be as smooth.

How do I replace the crystal ball?

Unscrew the cap, push out the ball from behind the cap. Then simply push the new one in from the top of the ball holder.

How do I clean my deodorant?

You can put your silicone sleeve in the dish wash or clean with hot water. You can clean the crystal ball with running water. For the actual applicator you can use warm water with a little soap. Please make sure to completely dry your applicator afterwards. We have done our best to minimise rust but we also rely on our customers to keep it dry.

Where can i register my Lifelong warranty?

Scan your QR code on the bottom of your deo, join the Lifelong community by registering your details. This will then guarantee your deodorant.

What is the Lifelong community?

It's a special place for people who own a deo. With all the links and info you need to manage your product correctly. We also partner with other cool design and sustainable brands to offer our community discounts they can only get through the community.

Is your product vegan?

YES YES and another big YES! Animals need to stay away from the personal care industry.

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