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When our founder, Adam, read the bleak statistics on climate change and how it will affect future generations, he felt compelled to act. With his own daughter Mabel in mind, he sought to reduce one major source of pollution - single-use plastics. With this inspiration in mind, Lifelong was born. Our aim is to help protect the planet with a range of eco-friendly products. Because personal care shouldn't cost the Earth.

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Recycling cannot keep up with the rate at which humans consume. Globally, over 80% of all plastic ends up in landfill or nature, including in our oceans. They break down into tiny micro plastics that even end up in our food chain, causing problems to our wildlife and our health. Our planet is suffocating and we urgently need to find a solution. A plastic-free solution.


Sadly 13 Billion plastic deodorants are thrown away every year. That’s why we designed a refillable, reusable, washable deodorant applicator. It comes with a unique, natural 'powder to liquid' deodorant, packaged in a plastic free, paper-based pouch. Our solution completely eliminates the need for single-use plastic packaging. By not shipping the bulky plastic packaging or the water in the liquid deo, we manage to lower transport emissions by 94%.

As our name suggests, we want to build LIFELONG products. Designed to last you a lifetime. Every applicator will come with a LIFELONG guarantee. We don’t believe in a throw away culture.

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Lifelong was born from the idea that we can ALL make a difference but we can't do it ALL alone. That's why we have partnered with Seven Clean Seas, a world leader in removing plastic from the ocean. For every order you make, you'll also remove 1kg of plastic from the ocean. Our goal is to rid theses from 1 million kgs of plastic and your daily routine can help us reach it.

32,641 kgs

of plastic (and counting) has been collected from the ocean

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